The MCRN2 is an advanced access control device and an optimal solution for companies searching after a professional solution. MCRN2 has different interfaces like Bluetooth® Smart BLE 4.1, USB and RS232/RS485 and offers different possibilities for the operation. For example a Smartphone can be used as NFC Tag for short distances or the Bluetooth interface for larger distances. Of course, the design and interface possibilities could be individually customized and adjusted to the needs in the application. Also possible is to equip MCRN2 with a WiFi Modem, in order to make operations worldwide. A powerful internal antenna can read tags up to 80mm distance. Different external 50 Ohm antennas with coaxial cable can be attached to the SMA or uFL connectors. This offers the possibility to install the access control device in hidden areas and protect them against manipulation, as the user gets only access to the antenna surface.

Different external 50 Ohm Antennas with coaxial cable can be attached to the SMA or uFL connectors.

iOS/Android Apps and Windows configuration software are included in the SDK.


- Access Control
- Time and Attendance Systems
- Card Formatter
- Home Automation
- Industrial Automation

USB 2.0 Full Speed
RS485/RS485 or UART RX/TX (3.3V)
Rotary switch for network adressing and switchable 120 ohm termination resistor
Bluetooth® Smart BLE 4.1
Buzzer and optional Real Time Clock with battery backup
2 x GPIOs & 3-color LED on the middle
1 x Relay 2A/60V
ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and ISO18092 support
External 50-ohm and internal antenna
13.56 MHz >1.5 A/m
Operating range up to 150mm
-30 to +85 °C
Power over USB
+8V to +28V DC power supply (optinal +5V version)
50mA @+12V current consumption