MCR06 Driver Identification Unit


The module can be easily connected to other devices via the RS232 interface. With an ID card, which has been created in advance, the driver can be identified. For the option that the vehicle is equipped with the engine block function, the driver identification can be used for the unlocking. If the driver has a valid ID card, the LED lights green. If the driver does not have a valid ID card and still moves the vehicle, the LED lights red and an audio alarm is started via the buzzer. Further possible application examples are e.g. driving license control, time recording, checking the start authorization etc.


- RFID Driver Identification
- Flexible time recording on site
- RFID Driving License Control
- Start Authorization
- Mobile working time recording for craftsmen
- Digital time recording on site

Classic, Plus und Ultralight
32-bit ARM Cortex CPU
5cm reading range
RS232 Port (300-115200 Baud)
+5V DC operating voltage
-20 °C … +80 °C industrial temperature range