miTrack GT1 Telemetrie Terminal


miTrack GT1 Industrial Telemetry Terminal

MiTrack GT1 is an advanced telemetry terminal which is developed for (IoT) to remote control and data collection from industrial field. miTrack GT1 can be programmed to multiple roles, with these main headings,

  • Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Gateway for Sensor Network
  • Ethernet and GPRS Bridge over RS232 and RS485
  • ModBus GateWay
  • USB Modem (PPP)
  • Data Logger
  • Automatic Meter Reading Terminal

MiTrack GT1 can be used both with analog - digital ports and multisensors, I/O multiplexer, serial port, RS485. Also available for to use as a gateway with connected devices over ModBus. GT1, Ethernet and GSM / GPRS properties have together. When device can not reach to the servers over ethernet, tries GPRS connection. All data that sent to server and can not be sent are stored 4 GB SD memory. Also re-access is available for necessity data again. GT1 is a data logger device with this feature. GT1 can be connect to MCR08-L with TFT touch screen. In this way, sensor values and alarms can be followed by the operators as visual in facility. Numerous devices that comunicating with ModBus or Multisensor Bus can be read with GT1. MiTrack-GT1 collects data from those peripherals

  • Contactless Card Readers
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Energy Meters
  • Motion Sensors
  • Liquid level sensors
  • Gas detectors

Please refer to the application section for example telemetry scenarios and different usage of MiTrack-GT1.
GSMTelit GL865 Dual 900/1800
GPRSClass 10
CPUARM Cortex 32 Bit CPU
MemorySD 4GB
 Flash 1MB
 EEProm 512 KB
Serial Ports 
 USB (Client)
 4 Digital Inputs (optical isolated)
 2 Analog Inputs (4-20mA or 0-10 V)
 6 Digital Outputs (Open Collector)
 2 Relay Outputs
Cell LocationGSM LBS
BatteryLi-Ion (900mAh) Optional
Operating Voltage8-36V DC
Operating Temperature-20 +80 C RH 80% NC
 DIN Rail Type Mounting Apparatus
 Lit with Screw Holes
 OEM Board Installation 4 x M3 Holes
Dimensions134x104x40 mm ( Alluminum Enclosure )
Weight260 gr.
Ordering Codes 
 GT100 Ethernet + GSM Terminal
 GT101 Ethernet Terminal
 GT102 GSM Terminal
 GT103 GSM Terminal RS232 Modem