The proxiSense® Relay tag is an RFID sensor that can work without an additional power supply. Commands that are triggered in the smartphone can be read and executed. The necessary energy is obtained via NFC from the smartphone. This property is particularly important for applications where no power supply is available locally. With the proxiSense® Relay tag, access control systems or working time records etc. can nevertheless be operated at such locations. As the proxiSense® Relay tag is equipped with a temperature sensor, even the temperature can be measured on site with the smartphone, without local power supply is available.


- Energy autonomous temperature measurement via Smartphone
- Energy self-sufficient access control via smartphone
- Power autonomous automation
- Home Automation
- Industrial Automation

USB 2.0
RS485 or UART RX/TX (3.3V)
8 x GPIOs & 3-color LED on the middle
2 relays for bidirectional motor control
Temperature sensor
Ultra low power microcontroller
13.56 MHz >1.5 A/m
Operating range up to 50mm
Android App ready to use
Compatible with regular RFID readers
NFC and mobile phone compatible
Optional batteryless with energy harvesting
7-Kbit NFC memory
56-bit unique identifier (UID)
-20 to +80 °C