miTrack-V Mobile Telemetry


miTrack-V is a special designed automotive grade terminal which developed for on-board vehicle telemetry and tracking. MiTrack-V is suitable with Built-in GPS receiver for use in vehicle tracking and fleet management system with precise location information along with the data packets. Device can be connect to numerous sensors and peripherals over ModBus and Multisensor Bus. Peripherals which has 4-20 mA or 0-10V sensor interface can be read directly from analog input ports. mitrack-V is available with RS232 port on the vehicle as a transparent modem terminal.RFID or barcode readers can communicate with servers over miTrack-V. mitrack-V has a built-in acceleration sensor. The driving dynamics and the exposure to shock and vibration conditions of the vehicle or mobile platforms is can be measured and transmit to servers. The device can be started directly inserting the SIM card and IP-Port Parameters can be changed via sending a SMS or connecting to computer over RS232.

GSMTelit GL865 Dual 900/1800
GPRSClass 10
CPUARM Cortex 32 Bit CPU
Memory8 Mbits Flash
Serial Ports 
G Sensor 
 3D Accelerometer 16G
 8 Digital Inputs
 2 Analog Inputs (4-20mA or 0-10 V)
 8 Digital Outputs
GeoLocationGPS Telit JN3 48CH
BatteryLi-Ion (900mAh) Optional
Operating Voltage8-36V DC
Operating Conditions-20 +80 C RH 80% NC
 Wall Mount Apparatus
 DIN Rail Type Apparatus
Weight110 gr.