MCR08-UHF HMI Terminal

Frequency840-960 MHz
Memory8GB microSD
StandardsEPC Gen 2
EPC Class1 Gen2
Power supply+8V to +36V DC
Part numberMCR08-1600


MCR08 is a cost-effective contactless terminal for access control and payment applications.

Device provide secure and high speed transactions, interaction and communication for system integrators and solution providers as a reliable contactless smart card terminal that can easily be interfaced with different cashless payment and access control applications. Main usage area for MCR08 is public transportation involving ISO/IEC 14443 A/B contactless cards. Device has 4.3" TFT color display with touch screen and real audio output for interaction with users.

MCR08 supports rich communication options including Ethernet, GPRS (MCR08G), RS232 and RS485 etc. MCR08 is always online and connected to the server through GPRS or Ethernet. Device conveys transaction information to the server including remaining balance, timestamp and location of the ticket action as well as GPS location of the vehicle. Each transaction data is also stored in its internal 8GB flash memory. The memory capacity is more than enough for storing 5 years transaction records and blacklists. MCR08 can also send all archived transaction data upon request by the server.

It completes typical transaction within 0.15 second including recovery and backup, after the presentation of the card. Special Anti-collision algorithm effectively prevents the collision conflict when the user presented more than one contactless cards together.

A software development kit is available for quick and easy development and integration with different ticketing and payment applications.

For the easy installation, a wall mount kit can be used.


- Public Transport
- Time and Attendance
- Access Control
- Vending Machines

LCD4.3'' TFT
TouchResistive Touch Panel, Indstrial Grade
CPUARM Cortex 32Bit CPU
Contactless Reader
 Classic, Plus, NTAG and Ultralight Contactless Cards Read & Write
840-960 MHz
Globally Unique MAC Address
TCP/IP Stack
TCP/IP Client-Server Communication
UDP Support
DHCP or Static IP
ICMP Ping Support
Configuration with miFinder over the local network
MemorySD 8GB
AudioReal Audio, (Internal Amplifier and Speaker)
Serial Ports 
 4 Digital Inputs
 2 Relay Outputs
Operating Voltage8-36V DC
Operating Temperature-20 +80 C RH 80% NC

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